If {Name your historical figure} were a Football coach....

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July 19, 2013 at 8:44 pm

As a history buff, my mind was spinning with all the possibilities after reading about Saban being compared to Hitler.  I thought I'd open a line on historical figures.  I'm impressed with the 11W group here and the idea is for you to:
1) Name your historical figure being mindful of the "politics" rules for this web site when you submit 
2) Describe their coaching style in a football game.
3) Or if you think they'd be coaching something else, what and why? 
I'll start the game off: I've added to a previous post about a guy who I really believe is on the short list of people born without a soul.
If JOE STALIN were a football coach, his team would sport very Penn St like uniforms, maybe all with the same number in a drab green or red.  The officials would never throw a flag on his team as their children are in the stands next to the soviet police escort there for their safety.  They would run the ball every play to one of two running backs.  Their players would get dehydrated, look longingly at the other teams equipment, uniforms, cooling fans and water coolers, yet not complain.  If they lost, a completely new squad and coach would be on the field the next week.  The media would not publish any info after a loss but after a victory it would be front page sports news with Smilin' Joe looking smug.

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