A Social Dilimma. Company Christmas Party or B1G Champ Game?

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November 26, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Anybody else out there in the same situation I am?   Help me out!!!!
Do I seriously cancel out of the annual big Christmas party where the bonus checks are handed out because it conflicts with this game? (I'll get the check anywho, but we're not a big company)
The company Christmas party was recently scheduled  at 5pm PST on Dec 7th.  The B1G  Champ game kicks off at 5:17 PST.  I have several concerns:
1) Is there even a TV at this local nice restaurant venue?  I doubt it.  And for godsakes it might be a PAC12 game even though I am pretty sure FOX is doing this game nationally.    I could take a notepad or maybe just listen to the radio (Keels 97.1 but then I'm that person who jumps up during dinner and screams outta the blue "YEAH!  GO BUCKS! SCREW SPARTY!" to the bewildered others)
2) If the game is tight, and I choose to sneek peeks, will I be a pariah for not wanting to hear speeches, eat the dinner they ordered, etc  if it's 12-12 or God forbid Sparty is winning?  I'll bolt for the game. 
3) My clear gut feelings are I'd far rather be watching this game than anywhere else.  Am I right?  Am I a jerk?  No,  I'm not drinking at either, I'm just sayin'.
4) They won't get it that I picked a football game over this.   This is Idaho. I can deal with that though.
5) Since I could tape this (but there would be no keeping the score away from me I think) should I just go to the party and watch a replay win or lose?  I mean, everyone goes to this annually and yeah, I could just watch it later.    Please, someone tell me this is ok.  Because I don't think it is.  But my brain says it is ok.  So does my wallet.  Right now, I'm not rooting for my brain.

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