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1800's ties to the Bucks!

Tired of winter, last Saturday my family I went to Lewiston, ID to enjoy weather 13 degrees warmer than here. Before we went, I looked up on the 'net things to do. At Lewis & Clark State College, there is a free art and history museum. Their "claim to fame" is a restored Chinese temple. So, ok...
22 Feb 2014
by Idaho Helga

Back Pedaling 101 With the NCAA

I saw this article  Frankly, I support USC (ack,pttttth!   Spit, spit! This is killing me! )  with their claim that since Penn State gets scholarship ...
26 Sep 2013
by Idaho Helga

Michigan loss? The Big10 is WIDE open.

Please post your crocodile tears here for our best friends up North after losing to the worst team in the conference.  I had to check that twice to make sure I saw that box score correctly.  I'm thinking there are at least 3, maybe 5 teams that could win the Big 10 tournament.  Il...
27 Feb 2013
by Idaho Helga