Did Sprinkle Want to Get Arrested?

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July 7, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Did Tracy Sprinkle purposefully allow himself to get arrested?

Is it conceivable? Is it at all possible, by any stretch of imagination, that these were NOT just bad decisions?

Consider this: you've been redshirted, and are down the depth chart, and there are new players arriving to compete with you for playing time. But you want to play, and preferably this season. What can you do? The university and the coach are not at all likely to grant you a release. And you've seen what happened to other OSU players involved in bar incidents. Is Jamal Marcus eligible to play for Akron this season?

Tracy had offers from Penn St,  MSU, Indiana, Purdue, Kentucky, Cincinnati and other schools, which have had players move on to the next level. 

After you survive— that is, you are cleared—of your legal troubles, can you get your release by being kicked off the team, and out of school? And then transfer to and play for another D1 college program this year?

Could it happen? I mean, could someone under 20  years old possibly think this way? 

Maybe the brawl wasn't planned, but given that it happened and the cops were there, and they gave you a chance to walk away, here was an opportunity. Why did you not take that chance?

I suppose it is possible, but it is difficult for me to fathom that anyone that has spent  a year in a Big Ten university, and has succeeded at passing their courses and keeping out of trouble, can suddenly do something so incredibly dumb as what’s being reported.

Was he dumb?

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