Illicit College Football

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April 16, 2014 at 2:50 pm

After reading the NY Times piece on Jameis Winston's rape allegations and the "Meet the Bag Man" story, I get a really sick feeling about FBS football and about the standards of morality in the South. And about institutions like the SEC, ESPN, etc. that condone it. This institutionalized cheating gives tacit social approval of such activity, corrupting the moral standards of society. 

It also very troubling that university presidents and administrators all across the country are not outraged enough to distance themselves from schools and TV networks that allow and condone such behavior. IMO, at the least, they should go on record condemning the universities that allow these transgressions to go on. But it would be preferable for schools with a conscience to start a new division that excludes these "cheating" institutions. And perhaps bar schools that cheat from the national championship playoffs for 5-10 years. Being in the playoff should be a privilege, rather than an entitlement. That is, if your institution fails to investigate fully misconduct by the players and boosters, the school is ineligible for the playoff. Perhaps other bowls would want them, but not the playoff. Cheating, lying, over-signing or hiding behind flimsy legal artifices would make the team ineligible. Fair is fair. The other schools are observing the law and following ethical guidelines, and perhaps losing recruits because of it. Doing otherwise just encourages illicit behavior, and in turn, unethical or immoral behavior in society at large. 

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