Sitting Down With Tyler Moeller

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March 4, 2011 at 6:59 am

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You may have heard of Tyler Moeller, the 6'0" 210 lb senior from the Queen City. One of the fan favorites on defense, Moeller started to get some recognition in the 2008 season when he earned his first start against Illinois, recording seven tackles, two TFL, and forcing an Illini fumble. In 2009, Moeller was prepared for a break out year after a very impressive spring game. About a month before the season began, though, Moeller was attacked, suffering a severe injury to his head, and taking him out of the college football world. Some thought he wouldn't be able to play again, but he recovered well enough to garner attention for the 2010 year.

Finally, fans got to see Tyler Moeller step into a sort of lead role on the defense, with his flying to the ball on every play, never taking a break. Moeller was able to account for 19 tackles, a forced fumble, an interception and a sack on the year. Then came Illinois. During the game, Tyler felt something "rip in his chest" and once again, Moeller would sit the rest of the year out. Now, being granted a 6th year of eligibility, Moeller will come in to lead a new look Silver Bullets for the Buckeye squad. We got a hold of Tyler to talk to him about the upcoming season, and a little bit about himself.

Do you think the Michigan rivalry has been diminished at all?
No I do not, If anything the change at Michigan is only going to intensify the rivalry.

What has really motivated you to keep playing through your injuries?
My love for football and Ohio State has motivated to play through my injuries. There is no better feeling than playing in the "Shoe" in front of 100,000 people.

What's Tressel really like during a game?
Tressel Is very calm most of the time during the game but you can feel the intensity he has built up inside of him, If that makes sense *laughs*

You own your own site, TylerTime26 and it's obvious that you love trains. Where did you get that from?
My grandpa has a train layout of his own and I have always wanted to build one and finally one day just started building my own layout and became obsessed with it! One of the reasons I have created TylerTime26 was to show my grandpa what I was doing with my train layout.

Next year you'll be a leader on the linebacking core again. What should we expect from that core?
I am officially a saftey now but the linebackers will be very good with Sweat and Sabino leading them.

How does playing with past injuries effect your mindset on the field? Does it ever cross your mind in the heat of battle or do you only know one way to play... fast?
You cannot play football double thinking about what could happen or past experiences. I made up my mind a long time ago that If I came back and played I could only play one way and thats fast or I wouldn't play at all.

Out of the younger guys on the team that most have not heard of yet (besides recruiting and depth charts), who are you most excited to see get on the field from what you witnessed in practice?
My favorite player is Christian Bryant, That may be a little biased because he plays my position but I love the mindset he has for the game and his ability to make plays.

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