BCS vs. Playoffs: Playoffs Are Better

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March 22, 2011 at 6:44 am
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Ed. Note: The first in a series of posts between Brady and Danny on what system is better: The BCS, or the Playoffs.

The NCAA basketball tournament is at full throttle and our Ohio St. Buckeyes have been as good as advertised up to this point. George Mason hardly stood a chance on Sunday with OSU’s onslaught of 3 pointers and the physical presence of Jared Sullinger on the inside. The Buckeye’s move on to Newark, NJ to face the Kentucky Wildcats on Friday night. With any luck, and continued hot shooting from the outside, OSU will move to the regional finals against the winner of North Carolina/Marquette for a chance to head down south for the Final Four.

Without a doubt, March Madness is this country’s greatest sporting event. The excitement and revenue that is generated from this tournament is astronomical. There are upsets and buzzer beaters every year that get your heart pumping no matter what team you root for personally. Nothing can compare to the drama that Cinderella teams such as Butler and George Mason create when they beat the odds and take down national powers. I am not a huge Basketball fan by any means but am gripped annually by this event.

With all the success and excitement that Basketball creates in this country every March, I wonder what football could do with a similar format. The ridiculous, unfair and laughable way the NCAA decides to crown its’ champion on the gridiron still dumbfounds myself and the population at large. Tournament brackets are so easy and obviously fair to set up one can lose their mind trying to figure out why a computer formula is in charge of crowning a champion. This is America! We decide things on the field.

My colleague Danny at ITS seems to think that the BCS is a fair and objective way to decide the NCAA football champion. Over the next few posts we will explore some of the issues and have an ongoing back and forth… like a virtual argument. Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below as this is always a hot button topic sure to bring out some interesting opinions.

My first, and most obvious argument, is that every other sport in this country (including lower divisions in college football) have a bracket style tournament where things are decided on the field. Many against a college football playoff have said that loss of class time and damage to bowl tradition are adverse effects to this style. I want to address both of those.

Losing school time due to travel and extra games is laughable in my opinion. The end of the football season comes towards the winter break for most schools and allows ample time for scholarly activities during the week. As I mentioned, all other divisions of college football have figured out a way to play these extra games without damage to the student athlete. What about the 4-6 weeks of down time between conference championships and the bowl games? You’re telling me there isn’t a way to fit an 8 game playoff in that time?
The other major issue is what to do with the bowl games. There is a rich and long history with the major bowl games that many don’t want to mess with. I kind of understand that point of view but if we want a playoff, collateral damage is unavoidable.

The man with the plan

There are many suggestions on how to incorporate the bowl games into a playoff system but they would never be the same. I can live with that if only to see the fat cats on bowl committees lose their six figure salaries. These men, and the college presidents, are the one standing in the way of what most of the country wants. Why? Money… it’s always money. These men are very powerful and don’t want to lose the easy payday that comes every year. Until this problem is dealt with, it is going to be an uphill battle.

Well Danny, the first shot has been fired across your bow. What say you?

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