Could Hyde be a 1st Rounder?

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October 6, 2013 at 1:54 am

Alright guys this is my first blog post on elevenwarriors so I'm pretty excited. Carlos Hyde has been a favorite of mine the last year and a half and I was wondering what the consensus was on his draft stock. I know RBs don't often go in the first round unless they are really something special, but Hyde is very consistent in those short yardage situations. He's shown he can break, bruise, and dodge tackles fighting for every yard. From what I can see he blocks pretty well and today we also saw that he has some pretty soft hands when need be.
I'll admit I don't always understand how the NFL evaluates and sizes up Running Back prospects, and I know many say we haven't played against a SEC level defense, but Hyde was absolutely unstoppable tonight, even when everyone knew the ball was going to him. If not for the suspension, I'm fairly certain now that Hyde would have broken a thousand yards this season. I think the kid has real talent but I wanted if I'm just looking through scarlet colored glasses. After tonight's spectacular performance, does anyone think that a team might take a shot at El Guapo in the first round?

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