Lost a friend today

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May 26, 2014 at 11:15 am

As a veteran, Memorial Day will always be a day of remembrance honoring those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

I'll also think always of my buddy Stink, our 10 year old tabby who my wife and I just had to put down. He's had some health issues in the past, though I was completely unprepared to wake up to him in distress this morning. I always knew in the back of my mind that this day would come, and as hard as I tried it's still pretty damn tough emotionally right now.

Although I thought of myself a dog guy, and I "adopted" this sweet little boy by default after my wife and married (her rescue - though he rescued us it seems). Stink was the best lap cat, big brother (never jealous of his four year old human baby brother) and great sidekick for me during many a Buckeye game. It's going to be a little lonely at times in the mancave this fall. 

I'm not really a social media guy, and don't mean to bring down anyone's holiday, just wanted to share my feelings right now in a place I'm comfortable. Just a tough morning.

RIP Stink, find a warm place in sun up there until we cross paths again...



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