"The 2013, scUM, 2-For-1, BCS Bonus Plan"

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October 7, 2013 at 8:31 am

Halfway into the college football season the evil empire known as the Electronic Sports Propaganda Network, is commencing primary ignition of America's, final, annual BCS debate.
ESPN's campaigns to brainwash America into associating the Big Ten conference with weakness and paint all of Ohio State's victories to this point as pyrrhic, will converge in one moment, Sunday night at 8:30 Eastern standard time and likely culminate in pissing off the best damn fans in the land.
Beyond winning there's not much that Ohio State can do but hope for misfortune to befall those ranked above it and one other thing that defies the imagination of every single solitary Buckeye fan: hope that scUM will be undefeated when it hosts us for, The Game.
While easy to sneer and rage at this suggestion, consider that good things can come from Ohio State facing an undefeated scUM in...The Game:
We get to beat an undefeated scUM;
We get to beat an undefeated scUM in, The Big House;
We get to beat an undefeated scUM in The Big House and end Brady Hoax' winning streak in, The Big House...
And by beating an undefeated scUM, we get to go to the Big Ten Championship Game - our rightful place - the following weekend in Indianapolis and beat scUM, again. Beating scUM twice in one year and over consecutive weekends, would be a very famous first and a great event in Buckeye, American and World history.
And then...there's "The 2013, scUM, 2-For-1, BCS Bonus Plan."
Facing an undefeated scUM in The Game gives Ohio State a unique opportunity to defeat two ranked opponents in one - over a fortnight - and boost its BCS ranking at the very end of the season, when it counts most. 
Think about it: Ohio State defeats two ranked opponents at the very end of the season...both of whom are scUM. This is the stuff dreams are made of!
You may not be able to root for scUM. But, you can certainly root for this possibility.

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