SEC = Mythical

Hoody Wayes's picture
January 6, 2012 at 2:53 pm

I don't hold Vince Young's 2005 MNC Longhorns in high esteem - because they were handed the crystal, by a USC team high on itself.

By the same reasoning, the SEC's ongoing championship streak can be deemed fraudulent. It can be argued the SEC was USC's biggest beneficiary, between 2006-2008, when the Trojans lost a combined 5 games.

Had Southern Cal taken care of business (and pollsters been as generous - then - as they have been to Bama this year), I believe USC would have won two out of three BCS titles, against the SEC.

Alabama vs. LSU will not give us a true champion - because of the polls and the BCS. This game will merely make SEC-dominance, more mythical. 



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