Penn State

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November 7, 2011 at 8:34 am

Violating children is an atrocity. The fact this may have occurred so often and over such a long period of time at one of America's most revered academic and athletic institutions - Penn State - assures a long criminal investigation, congressional involvement and likely, the largest civil case brought against the state of Pennsylvania, in its history.

Penn State's football season ended this past weekend. Joe Paterno's career may end this week. And it is likely - given the magnitude of the charges - Penn State may - some time soon - find itself not playing football, for awhile.

Today, Penn State may be the top story. But, all of America's universities and colleges hosting or involved in programs similar to the one at Penn State, must contemplate the worst of what if's. Let us hope this hasn't occurred anywhere else -  let alone be widespread.

If it has, the American institution of college athletics - oft-criticized of late for scandal-upon-scandal - will be brought under the type of control, indicative of a police state.



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