Official: America Has ESPN/SEC Fatigue

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December 4, 2013 at 4:58 pm

The SEC's PR firm - ESPN - is driving a new debate: its minions are asking, "What is the value of a loss?" The real question is, "Has America had enough of ESPN and its prized brand, the SEC?"
Beyond SEC-Country, America celebrated Auburn's victory. But, it did so for these three reasons: 1.) it was a memorable finish to a football game; 2.) not only did Alabama lose, its chance of a three-peat took a huge hit and 3.) the chances of any other SEC team continuing the region's college football dynasty, suddenly appeared remote. The only reason we're discussing Auburn right now, is because it did something the rest of America was hoping would happen.
We've heard a lot about that "Southern Charm." Where's it been for the past seven years? SEC-Country has rubbed the rest of America's noses in the fact of its gridiron superiority for far too long. The rest of America is tired of SEC-Country.
And ESPN is the of sports television. The way ESPN broadcasts is why we hate loud car stereos, on that first warm morning in spring. ESPN is a maniacal and monstrous, media machine, back-blasting America with verbal methane, as the soundtrack of its obnoxious sportsporncast.
Here's to the success of ESPN's competitors and to the end of SEC-Country's bloviating.

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