B1G Expansion - "When you get the money, you get the power!"

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November 18, 2012 at 8:41 am

The other night, while watching the BTN Football Report, I noticed one of its sponsors was 5-Hour Energy. Given the recent dubious claims against that product, I thought, "Jim Delany can't get a break." He expands the B1G by grabbing a national power like Nebraska, only to watch a huge deal with the PAC, collapse. He inaugurates the B1G Championship Game and then his marquis team - Ohio State - gets busted by the NCAA.  While the BTN's fortunes soar, Penn State dwells in the bane.
But, if this deal is real and the B1G is about to introduce itself to the Northeast,  Jim Delany gets to invoke what may be the B1G's new slogan:  "When you get the money, you get the power!" 
Not only will the B1G bet the Northeast wants a more exciting football option, on Saturday:  the B1G will bet the pageantry and tradition of its football product will appeal to the elite, high-minded and powerful, in NYC and DC.  VIP's in attendance at B1G games, will mean more business opportunities and more federal funds. The whole midwest will benefit, from its corporate powers like P&G and the Big Three, to its leisure attractions like, Cedar Point and the Lake Erie Islands [Northeasterners (in search of a less-crowded real estate on water at a lower price) have been visiting and investing in Great Lakes waterfront property - increasingly - for over a decade.].  Expect the BiG's biggest assets - Ohio State and Michigan - to play in NYC and/or DC - annually. Don't be surprised if a deal is pitched to Ohio State and Michigan to do the unthinkable - play "The Game", in NYC or DC.
B1G fans may view Rutgers and Maryland with a smirk. But, there's plenty of football talent, in the Northeast.
And we know, what everybody in America knows: money and power reside in NYC and DC.

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