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College Football: The Power of 4

Fact: The Big 12 has been a chaotic mess since it lost Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M.  The subtext of the inaugural College Football Playoff is clear: Through its mouthpiece (the so-called and fundamentally superfluous, “Selection Committee) the Power 4 and its powerful partner, ESP...
14 Jan 2015
by Hoody Wayes


While I think Eleven Warriors did a fine job summarizing the program options ESPN will be offering Monday night, I urge all Buckeye fans to watch only, the broadcast of the game on ESPN. O.W.N. ESPN means, watch ESPN "only when necessary." After years of relentless bashing and disrespect of Bu...
09 Jan 2015
by Hoody Wayes

AA Earthmovers

That Michigan has hired a search firm confirms one thing: There is a pitched battle between factions within the greater UM community and an independent body like a search firm is needed to help mediate. So, the Chicago firm Korn Ferry has been hired to help determine what is the best course ...
14 Dec 2014
by Hoody Wayes

Official: America Has ESPN/SEC Fatigue

The SEC's PR firm - ESPN - is driving a new debate: its minions are asking, "What is the value of a loss?" The real question is, "Has America had enough of ESPN and its prized brand, the SEC?" Beyond SEC-Country, America celebrated Auburn's victory. But, it did so for th...
04 Dec 2013
by Hoody Wayes

"The 2013, scUM, 2-For-1, BCS Bonus Plan"

Halfway into the college football season the evil empire known as the Electronic Sports Propaganda Network, is commencing primary ignition of America's, final, annual BCS debate. ESPN's campaigns to brainwash America into associating the Big Ten conference with weakness and paint all of Ohi...
07 Oct 2013
by Hoody Wayes

Playoffs? No. A Tournament of Champions? Yes.

Where's the best place to measure the human factor in any sport? On the field of play, damn it! Let the press publish college football polls. But, why should its opinion determine who is the champion? This is the central issue behind the Mythical National Champion(ship). The fact that opi...
07 Jan 2012
by Hoody Wayes

SEC = Mythical

I don't hold Vince Young's 2005 MNC Longhorns in high esteem - because they were handed the crystal, by a USC team high on itself. By the same reasoning, the SEC's ongoing championship streak can be deemed fraudulent. It can be argued the SEC was USC's biggest beneficiary, bet...
06 Jan 2012
by Hoody Wayes

Urban Meyer: Managing OUR Expectations

I know it's really early. But, I know Buckeye fans. And I know that more than just a handful of you, have visions of BCS NC's dancing in your heads.  So - mindful of our unique brand of zeal and the facts: 1.) Meyer just got the job yesterday and 2.) Meyer hasn't fini...
29 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

If Tressel Had Coached This Year...

I often wondered if those who were lobbying for the Luke Fickell-era to commence in 2012, ever considered what the team's 2011 record would have been, with Tressel on the sidelines. Same talent. Same schedule. We know what happened:   Sat, Sep 3 Akron W 42-0    Sat, S...
29 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Penn State: It May Take A Decade

Allegations of child molestation have tarnished the reputation of a fine university and brought down, its legendary football coach. To this point, de facto corporations Penn State and The B1G Ten, have responded and acted out of self-interest. Each has a brand to preserve and to protect. ...
14 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Penn State: End Your Season

Perhaps nothing instigates anger more than, crimes against children. How can Penn State continue to play football, this season? Fears have been expressed for the safety of Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary, should they appear at the game in Happy Valley, this weekend. And what of those attend...
09 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

The NCAA Ruling

The calendar suggests the NCAA will will make public its ruling on Jim Tressel and Ohio State, some time between today and Monday, November 21 - the beginning of the week of the regular season.  One would expect the NCAA to complete its work, to avoid complicating the first annual, B1G Te...
08 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Penn State

Violating children is an atrocity. The fact this may have occurred so often and over such a long period of time at one of America's most revered academic and athletic institutions - Penn State - assures a long criminal investigation, congressional involvement and likely, the largest civil cas...
07 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes

Tales of November and Indianapolis

Today, begins what will likely be, the most suspenseful November in Buckeye memory.  It's not the "gales of November" and a floundering Edmund Fitzgerald. Ill winds are blowing, however.  Maybe, another maritime analogy is more fitting. The Indianapolis comes to mi...
01 Nov 2011
by Hoody Wayes