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October 12, 2010 at 5:36 pm

In the wake of the Buck's ascension to number one in the polls...and some odd votes against the Bucks, I thought this map might serve as the beginning of a series of incoherent, clearly biased rants...which I love.

I created this map as a part of a course I teach and in part just for fun.  I was going to have it posted on another blog, where polls are the main focus, but I haven't heard back from them in a few weeks, so I thought I'd share it with the 11W gang, cuz y'all so cool.

If this pastes in here correctly, and you're not a Michigan grad, then I think you'll notice a few interesting patterns.  I have done some spatial analysis of the AP polls (again for my class) and I when I have more than a couple of spare minutes, I'll share that.  I have already noticed pretty clear geographic biases in the voting behavior of AP writers, especially among voters in the South.  I haven’t updated it in a couple of weeks, but it should be very interesting in the wake of Alabama's loss.

A couple of points that are worth noting from this map: 1) Herbie is "assigned" geographically to Columbus by the AP, even though his affiliation is with ESPN.  I think most folks around Ohio think he's hardly a homer (in public), in fact, he's been accused of following the ESPN line too closely by Buckeye fans.  As a result, Columbus becomes the only city with two hometown AP voters.  2) WASU is the only BCS school that doesn't have an AP voter within 200 miles...as displayed by the buffer rings.

The bigger dots are FBS-AQ schools and the smaller dots are FBS-Non automatic qualifiers.  The conferences affiliations are displayed by color...the Big Ten schools for example are Scarlet... I made the PAC10 Lavender...because they don't like to tackle...

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