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AP Voter Map

In the wake of the Buck's ascension to number one in the polls...and some odd votes against the Bucks, I thought this map might serve as the beginning of a series of incoherent, clearly biased rants...which I love. I created this map as a part of a course I teach and in part just for fun....
12 Oct 2010
by gravey

NFL Talent: Mid-Majors vs. the Big Six

This is part two of a short series of crackpot analyses of the NFL rosters as they appeared during the NFL pre season.  Obviously there have been some changes since the rosters were cut down.  I purposely chose the preseason rosters because they are much larger than the regular season r...
16 Sep 2010
by gravey

NFL Talent: A Look at the Big Ten

[Ed: Bumped because of the density of quality stats. And because it's almost time to start handing out Houndies.] The NFL preseason just finished and I found myself flipping the channel around to see how former Buckeyes were doing.  Since many of the lower profile players switch team...
07 Sep 2010
by gravey