Former Buckeyes supporting former Buckeyes

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July 8, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Maybe a weak post but thought I'd share anyway. I'm not as active on Twitter as I once was but within minutes of one another this afternoon I noticed two activities that somewhat mirrored one another, both very telling of the "brotherhood" that comes with sports and sports teams.
First, I had randomly fished with the following a couple of days ago on Twitter: "Least favorite B1G football coach out side of Hoke now that Bert Bielema is gone. Go....." I received a few different responses and retweeted a few as a different answer would come in. One individual answered with a simple, "Jim Bollman" and I RT'd it not unlike I had done with the Pelini and Ferentz responses. This afternoon former Buckeye and current Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Adams saw it and responded, starting with, "that's a shame..."

Minutes later my phone alerted me to another interesting one. I had doctored up an old photo of Terrelle Pryor from his OSU days with a message on it a while back, then posted it on Twitter on a whim on June 16th. This afternoon former Buckeye Bret Shugarts apparently saw it and decided to show his support of the message by favoriting the tweet. The photo I had attached to it? .....

Some of you may find it interesting. Others, not so much. I did - so I thought I'd share. Interesting to me how those within the inner circle - who see the bad AND good that goes on in the careers of teammates and coaches, don't quickly waver from their support/opinions no matter what us fans or the public masses think of those in question.
Go Bucks.

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