Apology to Herbie

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June 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Kirk Herbstreit was essentially run out of Ohio with his family for being honest and objective in his discussion of the OSU program and it's faults.  One of his main points was that Coach Tressel should stop recruiting players like Terrell Pryor for which he was labeled a traitor.  In light of the recent scandal it has become obvious he was right and I doubt you would currently find any Buckeye fan who would disagree with his stance on Pryor.  I read a lot of degrading and what I felt were inaccurate and hateful comments about Herbie on the blogs many of which were on this website.  Sometimes it's painful to hear the truth, especially when you don't want to believe it but it's obvious he was right all along.  He completely nailed the problem at OSU much earlier than any other journalist did for which he deserves credit.  I am interested to hear how many people now feel like they perhaps owe Herbie an apology.  Is there anyone who still thinks he is a traitor and not an objective journalist?

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