Yeah, the bowl ban does really suck

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December 31, 2012 at 9:32 am

I thought I'd be ok with the lack of the Buckeyes playing post-season.  I'd mentally prepared for it all season.  Figured, what the heck - there are plenty of other games to watch - I'll be ok.  I'm not.  Every time I watch one of these sucky teams play (i.e.., VT game on Fri. night), I'm reminded of how much better our Buckeyes would be than 90% of the teams playing post season.  So I want to thank the following individuals for making my post-season game watching truly miserable:  1) Gene Smith.  Idiot.  No precedence.  Are you some sort of nitwit!?  Sending us to a no-nothing bowl like the Gator Bowl for what??  Ratings??  Money??  Idiot. 2) Gordon Gee.  Permitting Smith to make an idiotic call by not self-imposing for a bowl ban last year.  I may switch Gee to #1 since he's the head honcho. 3) Tressel.  You lied.  You lied repeatedly. But I'm going to let you off easier than the other 2 because had it not been for your less-than-honorable moves, we'd still be stuck with your painfully boring offense and we would not be in the Urban-era.  Ok.  I don't feel totally better, but I needed to get that off my chest.  Happy New Year Buckeye Nation!!  Go Bucks!!

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