The Agony of Being A Fan

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October 21, 2012 at 11:56 am

I laid across my bed and threw my head into the mattress.  I was pretty much in the same position last year at the end of Purdue game.  But yesterday, it ended differently.  Much, much differently.  Instead of the usual bad luck football that seemed to haunt our Bucks last year, this year we seemed to be wrapped up by some sort of football Angel.  Swooping down to protect us at just the right moment, in spite of ourselves.  As I laid on the mattress and went to acceptance mode of our first defeat I decided to man-up (err, really woman-up) and watch the game to it's conclusion.  I dragged myself off the bed and returned to the basement to see the inevitable outcome.  Smooth Jazz comes in - throws an interception.  Gut punch.  Purdue's offense comes back out and all of the sudden our D decides to play... I'm not even sure what to call it... it wasn't really defense... more like, passion.  Something we've sorely missed at times.  In comes Smooth Jazz again.  Passes are completed.  First downs are made.  Hope starts to churn in my stomach (or it was the combination of my really bad cold and bad snack choices?).  Hondo Hyde dives for a touchdown.  Sure Hands Heurmann (excuse the spell butchering) snags the 2-point conversion.  I can't tell if my stomach is really churning now because of the possibility of pulling out this impossible win or the cold medicine I swigged after sucking down several Yuengling Lights to calm myself during regulation have met and decided they don't like each other. 
The defense takes the field again.  I broke into a sweat.  Again, not sure of what the cause is but too amped to care.  First down - miss.  Second down - miss.  Third down - miss.  I'm sitting on the edge of my couch - sweating and praying.  Fourth down - miss.  ARE YOU #$@%#$! KIDDING ME???!!  Our Bucks played crap football for 4 quarters.  Our main offensive threat looked disheartened and tired all game until finally making a huge play only to be knocked out of the game and that's topped with a view of an AMBULANCE pulling out.  And throughout the whole game I had to listen to that female sports announcer (whose voice for some reason just grates on my last nerve) going on and on about Purdue's multiple "big plays."  And yet, in the last 48 seconds... somehow, someway, our Bucks found themselves and found a way to stay undefeated.  And to me, this is what it is all about to be a fan.  Sitting through a God-awful 4 quarters of crap play.  Interceptions.  Dropped passes.  Missed tackles.  Big plays (I hate that term now).  Nothing working.  Sweating.  Praying. Yelling.  Laughing.  Cussing.  To me, that's what it means to be a fan.  Riding the highs and riding the lows.  Accepting the losses.  Glowing with the wins.  And for that, I want to express my sincere gratitude to THE Ohio State Univerity Football team and our coach, Urban-The-##%-Man-Meyer!!  GO BUCKS!!

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