Q's Time When He's Clearly Hot??

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March 25, 2013 at 10:15 am

Great win by the Bucks yesterday!  Aaron - stellar.  DT - awesome.  Shannonator - beast mode.  Q - killin' it softly.  Here's my gripe:  why did Thad take Q out when he was clearly feeling it with the ball yesterday???  He was getting good looks and shooting out of his mind.  Part of the reason we finally took the lead.  Then all of the sudden I see him on the sidelines and he's being rotated in/out.  Was that a defensive thing?  I'm just trying to understand why he was on the side when we clearly needed offense when Iowa started storming back.  I love Aaron and his game, but yesterday I felt like he was pressing it and - I know - dare I say it - he was sort of a ball hog down the stretch.  He was reluctant to feed it to DT who was also stroking it well.  I don't mind any player taking over a game, but clearly Aaron was a bit gassed at the end and he should've been passing the rock to the shooters more (well, NOT Lenzelle... sorry, because I know you give it your all but you're in a bad slump this season... except for the one 3-pt. you put up when we needed it most).  Can 11W Nation explain this to me?

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