97.1 The Fan - No Buckeye FB coverage for 2 days???

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September 27, 2012 at 3:34 pm

I'm an avid listener of the Common Man & Torg show and I've noticed that they have not discussed the Buckeyes since Mon. or Tuesday throughout the entire program.  Have they developed a beef with Coach or OSU or something??  Does anyone have any "inside" scoop?  They did rip the Bucks pretty badly after Saturday's game and it continued on Monday.  I thought they were a little over the top with the criticism and I wonder if it created some friction with OSU?  Perhaps it's just my love of the Buckeyes that has me creating conspiracy theories but it does seem odd that they've completely abandoned any mention of OSU FB.  Usually they start the show with a recap of Coach Meyer's call-in show today.  Nothing. The last 2 days have been dedicated to pro baseball???  All the other 97.1 shows have at least mentioned the upcoming OSU/MSU game even if only a brief analysis.  I've always been a fan of their show, but they sort of pissed me off with the non-stop bashing of the team.  Do other citiy's local sports shows routinely eviserate their local teams, especially when they WIN?  I posted yesterday that I felt local media and some fans had been relentlessly harsh on this team - especially considering we're 4-0.  I'm ok with critical analysis but the UAB analysis seemed really out of hand.  And this show usually talks about pro baseball for maybe 30 minutes max.  The last couple of days it's been pro bb and stupid personal stories with a little NFL sprinkled in.  Just wondering if there's a back story here??

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