Potential Quad Division Setup for a 16 team B1G

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November 21, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Even though I personally hate the idea of a 16 team B1G, if Emperor Delaney has decided it has to happen, Quad divisons could keep us from basically becoming two conferences where you play one team from the other side occasionally (like, every 8 years kind of ocasionally). 
With the addition of, say, UNC and Duke it could look like:
(West)               (North)
 Nebraska             Michigan
 Purdue                Minnesota
 Iowa                   Illinois
 Wisconsin           Michigan State
(Central)            (East)
 Indiana                Maryland
 Northwestern        Rutgers
 Ohio State            UNC
 Penn State            Duke
With a Nine game conference schedule meted out as such:
3: Teams from your division
4: Teams from rotating other division
1: Protected rivalry
1: If not in B1G contention, games chosen from teams also not in contention (Basically, an extra wildcard game to give teams on the edge a shot at bowl eligibility)
With a groundbreak "B1G Championship Series" 
West v. North Semifinal (Hosted by school with better record)
Central v. East Semifinal (Hosted by school with better record)
Winner v. Winner Championship Game (In Chicago for Rose Bowl Bid/Playoff Spot/E.T.C)
Heres how it could play out, in a hypothetical 2014 season:
OHIO STATE (Central)                  Maryland (East)
OOC                                             OOC
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OOC                                             OOC
Indiana                                         Rutgers
Northwestern                                 UNC
Penn State                                    Duke
Nebraska                                      Michigan
Iowa                                            Minnesota
Wisconsin                                     Illinois
Purdue                                         Michigan State
Michigan (The Game)                     Penn State (Maryland needs a rivalry)
B1G Championship Semi (Duke)       Iowa (Out of B1G Contention)
B1G Championship (Wisconsin)

Michigan (North)                           Wisconsin (West)
OOC                                               OOC
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OOC                                               OOC
Minnesota                                       Nebraska
Illinois                                            Purdue
Michigan State                                 Iowa
Maryland                                         Indiana
Rutgers                                           Northwestern
UNC                                               Ohio State
Duke                                              Penn State
Ohio State (The game)                      Minnesota (Battle for the Ax)
BIG Semi (Loss to Wisconsin)             B1G Semi (Michigan)
                                                     B1G Championship (Ohio State)
This format limits travel to somewhat reasonable levels, allows all schools to see the others at least every couple of years, protects a relatively good number of the rivalries that make the Big Ten so great, and actually could make a little bit of naming sense. Which of course means we'll end up with three unbalanced divisions called Legends, Leaders, and Champions, but I digress. It's obviously not perfect by any means, and that wildcard game needs some work to hash out, but as a first stab at it, it could work. 

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