Chris Ash Bio

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January 14, 2014 at 2:01 pm

Ash is only 40 years old this past December. He started out at Iowa State under Dan McCarney from 2000-2006 as a GA. He also learned some of his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarez. McCarney learned his defensive strategies from Barry Alvarezs while being a D-cord, which is an attaching 4-3 scheme, and took that knowledge with him to Iowa State and taught it to Chris. Chris coaching stints are as follows:
-Dan McCarney
-Barry Alvarez
-Bill Snyder (Kansas State)
-Chuck Long (San Diego State)
-Bob Stoops
-Mike Stoops
-Jim Leavitt (South Florida)
-Bo Pelini (lol)
-Kirk Ferentz
He is known for running mostly a cover 2 defense. His defensive stats are 167.6 rushing yards per game (69th) and 195.2 passing (22nd). So it looks like he does a great job with pass defense-- most likely because cover 2 has a hard time defending downhill runners. His over D is 46th. He had 28 sacks last year with the bert. He also had 11 ints for his team.
So it looks like this is probably not a homerun hire, but a solid pick up to address our defense. I am sure he will be the one calling the plays also, so there should be some much more prompt adjustments to the gameplan during the game. I have high hope that he can fix our backfield, but I am a little curious how our run D looks with this style of Defense. Should be an interesting offseason and spring game. 

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