Zach Boren's switch to defense, will it impact his chances for a NFL career?

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November 7, 2012 at 8:04 pm

I was thinking about the outstanding selflessness Zach exhibited in switching over to linebacker after serving as our #1 fullback over the past couple years.  Then I wondered how this could impact his ability to be drafted and/or evaluation from NFL talent czars in drafting him.  Certainly his limited resume on defense will not provide enough insight for NFL talent mongers to judge his worthiness. 
His fullbacking skills are well documented:  Mel Kiper has him as the #2 fullback on his 2013 draft board.  But now with the switch, how will he be viewed?  While Zach's unselfish support of "team" is to be commended, how will this potentially impact his draft status for the NFL? Kiper says, "Boren was among my top fullbacks among juniors last year and will end up on an NFL roster".  I wonder when he updates his big board, will he drop Boren from the fullback position? The inside linbackers Kiper has in his top 5 are Manti Te'o (ND), Arthur Brown (K St), Kevin Reddick (UNC), Shayne Skov (Stanford) and Nico Johnson (Bama).  Is Zach better than any of those?  I believe over time he certainly would be.  That's the rub - he doesn't have time - in fact he's got two more games to show what he can do as a Mike.  Love Zach, love his unselfishness, love his leadership and dedication as a Buckeye.  I hope the NFL loves him too. 

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