This is our year! It HAS to be..

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August 3, 2013 at 6:52 pm

This is our year, my friends. It HAS to be. It'll be one or two seasons, at least, before we have another team built like our current one. 
FOREMOST:  Championship teams, on any level, start in the trenches.  We're going to lose four out of five starters on our offensive line.  Starters that have been in the program for four or five years.  You don't just plug-in first-year starters into positions vacated by All-Conference, All-American caliber players and just pick up where you left off.  Especially, in the trenches.  Yeah, I know, it's 'next man up'.  (Awesome thought process, bro.)   Our offensive line haul has been mediocre--at best--the last couple of years before UFM arrived. Hence the reason for the defensive-to-offensive switches along the lines, etc.  Player transfers haven't helped out, either.  A team like AlaPAYa will plug and play along their offensive line (and most every other position if needed) and be successful this year, or next.  But, they have that luxury.  Have you seen their offensive line haul the last, let's say, four years? Compared to ours..?  Yeah, let's not even start on that.  It'd be like trying to compare "First knight" to "The Game of Thrones."  But, I'm done talking about them. I HATE Alabama. I HATE the SEC!   Anyways, I'm digressing here ..   I do think we have a beast-ass offensive line haul, so far, this year--and it has the potential to be even greater with us still in on some major talent along the o-line.  But to say they, or anyone on our current roster can come right in and start and not have a significant drop-off, is wishful thinking.  This years offensive line class has the utmost potential to be a great one for us on Saturdays---in a couple years...  Since he's arrived here, UFM has mentioned over and over and over (and over) about our lack of skill/depth on the offensive line.  We don't have that luxury, yet.  And it finally shows it's ugly face next year, my friends. 
··On a contrasting side note: our defensive line is ready to compete for championships today, tomorrow, and the years to come.··
 A VERY CLOSE SECOND:   The loss of three All-Conference/All-American caliber starters in the secondary will also be critical. Again, four and five year guys will be getting replaced next season with first-year starters that may have only been in the program for a year, or two. That's huge. And not in a good way. Although, I am extremely confident in the current, and incoming talent that will be mainstays in our secondary for the future seasons to come--there will be a  drop-off next season. 
LAST, BUT NOT LEAST:   With the great success we will have this year,  some starting underclassmen will leave by the lure of the NFL draft. It happens every year in major college football and will continue to do so.  All you can do is grind your teeth, punch your computer screen, throw the remote at your flat screen TV, and just calmly deal with it.
··How dominant would our defensive line be this season with Big Hank back after one last, off-season S&C program with Mariotti? Unfortunately, we will never know.··
We will win the national championship this year. We will shut up every damn non-believing, crap-talking, disrespectful writer/blogger/commentator/announcer/sports TV show host in this damn land! THIS year we will!! This is our year. It HAS to be. Next year is too large of a hill to climb--with skates on.
Now, go ahead and cast me to the Hades-patrolled realm of downvote land for being a realist.  Cast them hating stones upon me! I am a Buckeye through and through! As my father was....and my grandfather before him. And as my uncles and cousins are..and as my five year old nephew already is.  We will keep calm. We will have faith. We will Urban Meyer.
Fall is coming, my friends.  And a scarlet and gray hell hath followed--filled with anger and pride. THE Ohio State juggernaut hath arrived upon thee!  Bow down!  Or get crushed in our wake!!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!

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