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"Boyz N The Shoe"

*If you hate swearing, gangster rap, EZE and America do not listen or read to anything below. ok now that everyone has been warned I want to apologize in advance if you think this sucks. 1. You must be familar with EZE's Classic "Boyz N The Hood" 2. I recognize Ramzys "Sparty...
19 Feb 2015
by FitzBuck

Appeal from your friend Fitzbuck

Friends (members) I have noticed a trend recently on this wonderful site that troubles me.  I hate being serious and anyone that has viewed my posts knows I like to post funny (in my opinion) and light hearted crap (usually Gifs or images).  Lately I have seen threads get derailed by argum...
07 Feb 2015
by FitzBuck

Why OSU will beat _ichigan

I keep reading posts of members expressing their nervousness over "The Game" and I wanted to take a minute to give some facts that should turn that nervousness in to excitement.  To be clear I'm also nervous because of what's at stake but that's normal for every game The O...
26 Nov 2013
by FitzBuck