Roby Enters Pre-trial Diversion Program

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August 18, 2013 at 9:33 am

It would appear that Mr. Roby has entered into a pre-trial diversion program to address the charges in Bloomington.  As I suggested in my earlier post (Roby's Next Court Date), the charges were indeed amended downward to a Class B Misdemeanor.  What does this latest news actually mean? The legal docket is devoid of any description of Bloomington's program, however, it may be as simple as staying out of trouble for an agreed upon amount of time. It's also possible that there could be additional requirements such as community service and/or counseling of some type.  In a nutshell, if he does what he is required to do under the terms of the agreement, at some future date, these charges will be dismissed. If, however, he doesn't comply with the terms of the program, he will be brought back to court for sentencing, and nothing else. Sentence on a Class B Misdemeanor can be up to 180 days in jail, and a $1000 fine.
It is sort of like a no contest plea, but in Indiana, you actually have to admit guilt to be eligible for PTD.  Let this be a lesson to all, we don't have this saying here in Indiana for nothing - "Come to Indiana for vacation, leave on probation."
Go Bucks!!

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