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October 12, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Whether it's been for Across the Field, Across the Court, interviews for my other articles or roundtables, or booking guests for the Dubcast, I've reached out to others countless times and asked them to generously give their thoughts and their time to this site.

NOW: This is not a site rule, but rather a suggestion from me, personally.

It's not uncommon for someone who has done an interview for this site to come over and check out the final product. It's also not uncommon (or unexpected) for many of you to have opinions on some of these often-polarizing guests, or the publications or networks they're associated with. It would be nice if perhaps some of you thought twice before posting at-times incredibly rude (and frankly, completely irrelevant to the content they've provided to this site) remarks in the comments.

We do not pay these guests, and many of them don't need to do interviews with us for the publicity... they do it as either a personal favor to me, or to this site, so we can read or listen to different perspectives. I don't expect all of you to love Desmond Howard, Chris Leak, Dennis Dodd, etc. But I would hope that you would appreciate the opportunity to get more than the ideas that we as 11W contributors can offer you ourselves. If you have issues with things guests have said in the past, I would urge you to not give 11W, or the Ohio State fanbase for that matter, a bad name by feeling the need to call guests douches or whatever else you may decide in the comments for a post they've generously given their time to us for. It's 2012. You can find other ways to tell these people what you think, in what I would still hope would be an appropriate, relevant manner.

None of the guests has said this to me, it's just something that makes me cringe every time I read it about someone I reached out to and asked them to provide their insights. If you disagree with something they've said in the article or dubcast, that's cool... I have no problems with mentioning that. But if you've ever witnessed someone be rude to someone else in your home, then perhaps you understand what it feels like for me to read childish, close-minded name-calling in the comments. That is all. The choice is yours.



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