Start at Dick LeBeau

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January 8, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Why not reach out to Dick Lebeau for DC position.  Its a longshot but he is a Buckeye and at the end of his career.  He has accomplished everything he could have wanted in the NFL.  Worst he says is no.  Pay him whatever.    After that, start going down the list.  Hopefully we can keep Fickell on but put him back at position coach.  He has been loyal and IMO their is a solid chance we lose Vrabel if we lose Fickell.  Our d-line (Vrabel) has been the only consistent spot on the defensive side the last few years and apparently he crushes it on the recruiting trail.  
Not sure about other DC candidates.  Our secondary seems to have been underachieving the most.  Coombs is tough because he seems like another great recruiter and the players seem to respond to him.  Fickell just reminds me too much of Eli Manning on the sidelines.  The polar opposite of Urban, Mickey, Vrabel, Coombs.  No juice.  If Michigan can land a Mattison from the Ravens not sure why we can't aim higher.  Didn't realize what we had in Heacock until he was gone.  
Also, what about attempting to bring in a Antoine Winfield to help with secondary.  Gotta imagine would be great for recruiting and he is able to stay around the game he loves.  
Need that press man coverage and exotic blitz packages.  Nothing more frustrating this year than time and time again watching our corners play 10 yards off of WRs at the line and get bubble screened to death.  

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