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Under the Fedora - I Might Be Lion

I'm rooting for Penn State.   Well, that's not exactly true.  What I should say is that I am no longer rooting against Penn State.  Well, that is not exactly right either.  I hate Penn State.  I hate their history (which I really don't care to discuss).  I hate their er...
17 Nov 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - The "i"s Have It

The Buckeyes played with Rutgers last Saturday.  They looked good (you might say that their performance was easy on the "i"s--you probably wouldn't, but you might).  Chris Ash surely has his work cut out for him.  Not much more to say about the game than has already been said: &n...
05 Oct 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Soon and Very Soon

Roll of Thunder... Big Game Bob Stoops’ team received a temporary stay of execution when storms rolled through Norman Saturday evening. As it turned out, Urban Meyer just had to wait just another 90 minutes or so before finally unleashing his fully armed and operational Buckeyes on Oklahoma.&nb...
21 Sep 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Couldn't Stand the Weather

Welcome back Under the Fedora, where now more than ever, Saturday can't get here sooner enough. Here I am... All it took was a monsoon to drown the apparently non-ironically named Golden Hurricane of Tulsa on Saturday at the Shoe.  Despite an opening quarter and a half that surel...
14 Sep 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Are You Falcon Kidding Me?

Welcome to the much anticipated 2016 regular season debut of Under the Fedora. sure to be almost as spectacular as the Buckeyes' season opener. Green With Envy I'd like to think that Ohio State is at good as it looked against the Falcons, but since old coaches never die, they just write st...
07 Sep 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Can't Keep Haiku'd Man Down

Due to the overwhelming response I have received from the the offseason haikupalooza, I have prepared a very special Fedora for fans of the ancient art of haiku.  Enjoy! On the Browns: Hope springs eternal Another season begins Browns still in first place   Josh Gordon is...
25 Aug 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Customer Disservice

This edition of Under the Fedora will be a bit of a departure.  There will be no Ohio State Football talk, no general sports blathering, no hot Browns takes (sorry, CWRU).  This Fedora is a tale of incompetence, rage, and incomprehensibility.  It is long, but hopefully written in a wa...
22 Jul 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Turn of the Tide

Our long regional nightmare is over, Cleveland sports fans.  Led by a favorite prodigal son of NEO, once both rejecter and rejected, now etched into the annals of Cleveland sportslore as the former manchild, now manbeast who would conduct them to a place that only a remaining few fans had ...
29 Jun 2016
by Earle

Under the Fedora - Fear the Reaper

Welcome to the latest non-premium, non-rambling installment of Under the Fedora, where the bloviating is decidedly unpompadoured. Scarlet and Green The NFL Draft this year had a distinctive Scarlet tint. An unprecedented number of Buckeyes went and got themselves paid, but the biggest bene...
04 May 2016
by Earle

Under The Fedora - Hello From the Other Side

Welcome to what may be the final edition of Under the Fedora.  In an attempt to accede to the wishes of the 11W Illuminati, I am doing this as a Blog Post (where I fear no one will see it) instead of as a Forum Topic.  Sad face.  Following the pattern of prior Fedoras, I’ll offer my...
23 Mar 2016
by Earle

Confessions of a (Former) Forum Guerrilla

I am not a terrorist. I have been labeled as such, much to my chagrin.  I promoted the term "Freedom Fighters", to more accurately capture what I and a band of fellow commenters routinely did to what we considered ridiculous or duplicative threads in the Forum.  Sure, we had fun with it...
10 Aug 2015
by Earle

A Eulogy for The Streak

The loss is still far too raw for me to engage in the raging debates in the forums about what went wrong and how to fix it.  Similarly, I have no heart yet to talk about the Orange Bowl and Clemson.  So, with apologies to the Bard: Friends, Buckeyes, Dubsters, lend me your ears; I come ...
09 Dec 2013
by Earle