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My Own 5 Things: Sugar Bowl Champs

1) Even though his play calling made me scratch my head a few times last night.  A big thanks to Tom Herman for sticking around to coach through the Playoffs.  Rather than starting the next step in his coaching career.   2) What a juxaposition between the 2007 title game and the Su...
02 Jan 2015
by dustinccc

VT: My 5 Things

1) Our offensive line is our achilles heel.  They were awful last night and we cannot move forward as a team until this gets fixed.  2) I like our new defense with one exception.  It seemed like we were constantly playing a soft zone on 3rd and long (shutters at the though of last ...
07 Sep 2014
by dustinccc

My Own 5 Things

1) Our passing game needs the indoors that we will have next week in Indy.  Our passing game has not been the same recently.  I don't like Brax throwing with a glove on.  Hopefully our next two games that will not be an issue.  2) I will preface this with that I am not a hug...
01 Dec 2013
by dustinccc