Would you really root for them?

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December 3, 2012 at 11:08 am

ann arbor community college or shamecocks? 
First I want to state I live in South Carolina (moved from Ohio in 2004) and have to hear how great the sec is in football everyday. (makes me wanna puke)  Ive had to hear every LAME joke attempted about Ohio State from gamecock fans for about 8 years now. How usc beat us back to back Outback bowls blah blah blah. My boss has asked me if we can go to a bowl game this year about a dozen times over the season.  So needless to say cannot stand them.  Now the question comes Who do I root for? Would I really cheer for that team up north to win a bowl game? Would I want to have to hear lamecock fans for another year talk about beating a Big Ten Team.  I
As a Browns fan I relate this question twice a year when the Ravens play the Steelers.  I cannot stand either team for obvious reasons.   
A co-worker of mine once asked me "If you were in a barrell of shit up to your neck and someone throws a bucket of puke at your head would you duck? 
Barrell of shit or bucket of puke?

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