Riddance Good

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November 22, 2011 at 10:24 am

Hindsight may be 20/20 but many were calling these potential mistakes before they came to fruition. In order for a successful season to occur, a few items were apparent but ignored. OSU had to stay healthy which did not happen with Nate Williams affecting the entire defense. Joe Bauserman could not see the field as a serious contributor. Tyler Moeller had to make plays. Christian Bryant had to be put in a position to make plays. Shazier's speed had to be on the field.

Bauserman started, and replaced Miller, throughout the first handful of games. This delayed Miller facing his growing pains as too many fans became enamored with Baus' one game vs one of the worst defenses in the country. "Keep Miller on the bench to learn, Baus can have a steady hand for the offense..." was the jist of the blubbery that spewed forth from too many Gray and Scarlet faithful.

Moeller did not make plays.

Bryant did not learn how to properly break down on tackles.

Shazier was kept behind Sweat and Klein because the coaches are loyal to leadership? and slow average tacklers who lack explosive power in small spaces. Both suck at shedding blocks, both suck at the majority of lb requirements. Sweat was repeatedly touted for his leadership but was never called out on making any game changing plays. Shazier would have led the team in tackles by a long shot had he started all year.

It is disappointing the staff never earned their paychecks by putting Miller and Shazier out there from day one and coaching them every step of the way. Best 11 on the field is always proclaimed but seldom the truth when it comes down to it.

Moeller didn't make the plays that were expected of him so Bryant should have been moved to the star and Moeller should have moved to the strong with Barnett playing center field.

Innovation is born of necessity and it was necessary to have players put in position to succeed on both sides of the ball.

Fickell needs let go because he lacked the cajones to seize the moment as they say. He mismanaged timeouts and games consistently.

Bollman does not need dissertated upon.

Heacock has always been overrated as a def coor. who was been the beneficiary of having talent on the defensive side of the ball but never having the ability to unleash chicanery upon opposing offenses with a plethora of pressure packages that would dictate momentum to the other side.

Stoneburner, Hall, Fragel, and Smith were the victims of incompetency.

None of this is breaking news I just had to rant to get the frustrations of the year off of my chest. I hate this staff and would rather Vrabel be the only one retained because of his overall defensive knowledge and sac to call out the staff for subpar preparation when it is obvious.

In closing, it is played out to defend any part of the coaching staff and I hope Meyer makes our wishes and dreams come true.

Yeah Bucks.