Nebraska's Defense

Doug Buckles's picture
October 4, 2011 at 10:46 am

Based off their film review of this past week's game, Nebraska's defensive staff may anticipate OSU's offensive brain trust to prepare for another dose of blitzkrieg at breakneck pace until the Bucks show the ability to handle it. They may assume that, to slow down the pass rush the Bucks might try to throw screens early and often. What I fear Nebraska might do, is put in a Zone/Zone blitz scheme where they show blitz but drop in order to blanket Stoney and Smith while having the ability to come up and gang tackle on screens. I hope that osu's offensive coaches have two options in place and are instructing the players and preparing accordingly. 'Boys if they are blitz happy, we are going to give them a steady diet of screens and quick hitters. If they want to show blitz and drop back, we will run down hill at them with Hall, Hyde, and Boren out of the gun keeping the hits off Braxton. Either way they want to play defense we are going to take our shots down field to Smith and Stoney and they are going to make plays on the ball for us.' I fear we are going to see nothing but designed qb keepers and dave's putting the young qb in third and long's and asking him to convert. Staff has to put the players in positions to make plays. I am not entirely confident of that happening for the third week in a row.

The defense needs put Shazier in for Sweat or Klein and start sending sending Sabino and Shazier to put the offense in consistent third and longs. Then send Moeller on third down while dropping enough to cover your assets. Go after punts, go for it on fourth down. Someone tell Fickell he should be coaching as if his sac were on fire because he has his dream job and is watching it get pulled out from under him, all because he will not embrace his natural instincts as a defensive player and use his three pronged team to attack the opposition at all times.

I will never apologize for having standards. I expect the coaching staff of my beloved Buckeyes to be one step ahead of the other coaching staff in every matchup because there should be no offensive or defensive attack that we cannot adopt, or adapt to, because we have the best football coaches and some of the best football players in the country. Well we do not have the best football coaches, but we sure as hell should. Nic Siciliano in charge of the quarterbacks for the Ohio State University? That is some bulllshit! Second rate should never be acceptable.

The Miami game and Michigan State game fall squarely on the coaching staff's shoulders. Preparation before execution.