Fickell and the OSU fans

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September 21, 2011 at 3:59 pm
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Think Russell Crowe and Gladiator, if Fickell wants to win/keep the crowd he is going to appease them. He is not in a position to intimidate a fanbase into submission ala say, Saban. That is why Miller will, hopefully, start and play until the game is decided on Saturday.

If Baus starts, all hope is lost.

Considering Fick has to feel some pressure, hopefully he coaches from an attacking standpoint and has all facets of the team go for broke. Go down swinging if you are going to go down.

Let's see a dose of Miller and Hall in the gun attacking a side of the field with Stoney, Reed, and fill-in-the blank at various target levels for Miller to go through. Sprinkle in some screens and dives to Boren to touch the ball. No huddle them out the the I with Hyde. Show that the offensive brain trust has the ability to run different plays. It is 2011 for the love of zeus.I have only met a handful of offensive linemen or coaches who I would trust to be an offensive coordinator and Bollman is not one of them.

Can I sample Shazier blitzing one first, second, and third down. He's fast and hits like a hammer. While I enjoy Simon's game, where's the badass of the defense? You cannot name him. Give Bryant his audition at 'playmaker' of the secondary since no one is taking that lead either.

Yeah Bucks.

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