Dear Kristopher Kringle,

Doug Buckles's picture
December 6, 2011 at 10:12 am

Dear St. Nick,

I only have nine gift requests...

9-O.J. stops being afraid to hit. You are a more athletic Nate Salley.

8-Barnett/Bryant learn how to consistently cut the angle in half and break down to make the tackle. Whitner mode please.

7-Shazier/Sabino/Klein:Get well soon,, be the opposite of suck(lose 10-15 lbs.)

6-Big Hank/Simon/Williams: Stay healthy.

5- "...yard penalty on the offense, #76, repeat third down." Sorry, that sequence haunts my dreams.

4-Stoney goes all Hernandez.

3-Boren gets utilized as more than just a fullback.

2-J.Berry's hammy's stay healthy for just one year. Let Urban get his hands on you. Sandusky'd?

1-B.Miller find your inner Troy Smith (pre award banquet h.a.m.fest).

As you already know, my record is spotless this year. Get to it. 

Yours Truly,

Douglas Buckles