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Cleveland Mismanagement

As a long time Buckeye and Browns fan, I have been continually disappointed with the Browns lack of initiative to build a pipeline from the OSU NFL factory. It makes sense both on a financial and emotional standpoint. OSU has a track record of solid ROI concerning NFL players and Ohio is a Buckeye s...

Dear Kristopher Kringle,

Dear St. Nick, I only have nine gift requests... 9-O.J. stops being afraid to hit. You are a more athletic Nate Salley. 8-Barnett/Bryant learn how to consistently cut the angle in half and break down to make the tackle. Whitner mode please. 7-Shazier/Sabino/Klein:Get well soon, pl...
06 Dec 2011
by Doug Buckles

Riddance Good

Hindsight may be 20/20 but many were calling these potential mistakes before they came to fruition. In order for a successful season to occur, a few items were apparent but ignored. OSU had to stay healthy which did not happen with Nate Williams affecting the entire defense. Joe Bauserman could n...
22 Nov 2011
by Doug Buckles

Nebraska's Defense

Based off their film review of this past week's game, Nebraska's defensive staff may anticipate OSU's offensive brain trust to prepare for another dose of blitzkrieg at breakneck pace until the Bucks show the ability to handle it. They may assume that, to slow down the pass rush the B...
04 Oct 2011
by Doug Buckles

Fickell and the OSU fans

Think Russell Crowe and Gladiator, if Fickell wants to win/keep the crowd he is going to appease them. He is not in a position to intimidate a fanbase into submission ala say, Saban. That is why Miller will, hopefully, start and play until the game is decided on Saturday. If Baus starts, all ...
21 Sep 2011
by Doug Buckles


Find it and keep it. Bauserman did work against Akron. Stanley Jackson, Steve Bellisari, Justin Zwick, Todd Boeckman all could have done the same. Bauserman is not good. I repeat he is not good. I would hope a 47 year old qb could find the tight end. Those 'scrambles' were against Akron. ...

Todd Boeckman vs Terrelle Pryor Part Deux

Initial reports out of camp have the quarterback battle pairing down to the elder statesman and the young buck. This is not surprising as one is long on experience and the other long on simmering potential. That leaves Ohio State’s offensive minds two options to explore as far as ‘how...
18 Aug 2011
by Doug Buckles