New 2014 Offer: Texas Safety Brandon Simmons

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June 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I spoke recently with Brandon Simmons, a teammate of Ohio State 2014 CB offer Edward Paris, about his new offer from the Buckeyes:

  • Had OSU offer for a while, but coach forgot to tell him about it until last week
  • Dad owns a camp that he is in so he has already seen a bunch of schools 
  • Got to go to Ohio State while in the 7th grade and was able to walk onto the Horseshoe and said "It was incredible"
  • Was at a Texas Tech camp recently and will be going to a National 7 on 7 tournament in New York shortly
  • Even though Paris has voiced his opinion that he and Simmons will be a "package deal", Simmons says it may not happen that way
  • Given all schools a fair chance and would like to visit Ohio State
  • Said he knows about the tradition of Ohio State and the glory of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.
  • Has no leaders and giving every school an equal chance
  • Would like to see as many schools as possible 

Even though Edward Paris seems like a lean to LSU, I think Simmons will do his research and take his time more before he makes a decision.  He could very well end up at LSU with Paris but I don't think it is a foregone conclusion like many.  Ohio State may be behind the 8-ball with Simmons but anything can happen if he comes to Columbus for a visit, which could be possible. 

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