Never a good year for a bowl ban but...

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November 10, 2012 at 6:45 am

IF the Buckeyes go undefeated and we weren't serving the bowl ban year,  Buckeye Nation would be in an uproar over the fact that we would very likely not get the chance to play in the NC game. Winning every game and a bowl, when you are Ohio State, usually means you're National Champs...but this year it wouldn't and probably shouldn't as it's hard to argue for us to be among the top 2 teams if any combo of Bama, Oregon, KSU (no, not you Notre Dame) is still undefeated. I'm not by any means pleased about ever having a bowl ban but it might be saving me from 2 more headaches. 1. winning all our games and a BCS Bowl with no Championship this year. The 2nd is this; next year we have a similar weak schedule and could find ourselves in the same exact position with 2 or more teams in front of us with better/tougher schedules BUT we will certainly get more votes from many pollsters for being unbeaten for so many games in a row regardless of the schedules. It will be a lot harded to keep isbout of the top 2 next season. A bowl ban always sucks for the players more than anyone (especially the seniors) as they are the ones who put in all the work and aren't rewarded with that last game, but for us fans this isn't the worst year to serve a year...and no, I don't believe the NCAA was ever going to allow us to just offer up last year as our bowl ban year, without a ban for this season as well. Thought?

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