Found this interesting online article from Chattanooga Times Free Press

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February 8, 2013 at 7:15 am

The title is "Vonn Bell listens to parents and picks Ohio State."  Oh, here's the link:
The author makes it seem as if Bell's parents forced him to go to OSU.  Examples:
-The title.
-"Vonn Bell knew his choice was going to ruffle some feathers, but in making the biggest decision of his life the Ridgeland High School five-star football recruit did the most basic of things. He listened to his parents."
-"Bell ignored the pleas of friends and area fans -- and his own heart..."
However, the article contradicts itself with the following quote when it cites Bell, "My parents kept telling me that this is your decision, you're the one that has to go play, so don't let other people make it for you."  There are other quotes on the page, but you'll notice that nowhere in its being does it ever cite any evidence that Bell was forced to choose OSU over Tennessee outside of the own opinion of the journalist who wrote the peice.  I know this isn't a big deal and this blog post isn't really significant, I was simply annoyed that Bell's hometown press is trying to sway the story to the side that Bell wanted to be a Vol, but he was forced to be a Buckeye by other forces than his own wants and needs.
Whatever the case, welcome to BuckeyeNation, Vonn Bell. Go Bucks.

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