my thoughts on commits and decommits

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January 3, 2014 at 2:12 pm

with the " glenville drama " going on and some people are getting " freaked " out.i just waant to give you another look at things........they way i see it is if they decommit  we must be going another way.ya sure we want all of ohio tops kids. but if you have a chance to get a 5 star instead of a 4 start. then do it.and for when someone commits to us its because of the legacy of the school.and urban "f___ing" meyer. sure we push the panic button from time 2 time but at the end it always work out for us!! look at kalis "no" klass. we have about a little over a month before natl sigining day. and we will colse with a top 5 to the 1% out there that goes crazy over what these kids say or do, go watch some maury or jerry springer.and tune in for siging day in feb to see where you stand then. calm down its only recruiting a bunch of 17-18 year olds who all want to play in the nfl and make millions.thats lets be easy on these kids. in the mean time im still trying to choose between microsoft or goggle jobs!!! lol

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