Buckeye Fan?

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November 23, 2013 at 4:08 am

Tonight i was having some drinks with friends and we got into a discussion about football, my friends know how much I love The Ohio State Buckeyes. As drinks poured and passion became topic of the discussion I was called out by a girlfriend of one of my friends. She said "you didn't go to OSU"?! The tone of the comment was implying why should I pull for a University that I did not attend. I am twenty six years old and have lived in Cleveland my whole life, she's right i never attended Ohio State but yet I find myself pulling for the Buckeyes every Saturday and every time I know any Ohio State team plays. So my first thought was to yell I live in OHHHIIIOOO THATTTSSS OOOUUURRR TTEEAAAM, when I realized maybe that's not everyone who lives in Ohio's team. Instead I replied with ridiculous counter arguments (like the previous). I had lost my chance to make a point as to why I love a team that I've never truly been apart of, a team that pulls a University together a Community together a City together,which I've never been apart of...... Now I'm at home thinking of childhood memories, garage parties, family parties,Saturday mornings with Dad yelling at the television... ALL for what? A University a Community a City he has never been apart of. I Love and Trust my father and with those things he has introduced me into a fan hood that I hope to pass to my son whether he chooses to attend OSU or not. Without attending Ohio State I WAS BORN A BUCKEYE AND I WILL DIE A BUCKEYE! So in my head I ask the girlfriend of my beloved friend, is that good enough for you?.................................................................... P.s Don't mind the grammar obviously I didn't attend THE Ohio State University.                                                                                                     

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