A closer look at the most dominant conference in college football

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October 2, 2013 at 5:44 pm

I was looking through the AP top 25 today and noticed that there were four one loss SEC teams in the top 15 and a total of six in the top 25. The media likes to tell us about the strength of the Southeastern conference so I decided to take a closer look at their out of conference results thus far. The losses that each ranked SEC team has experienced was a result of conference play with the exceptions being the two ACC victories of Clemson over Georgia and Miami over Florida. Both South Carolina and LSU lost to Georgia, and Alabama handed losses to Ole Miss and Texas A&M. There is no denying that the SEC is a good conference. I am not writing this to try to prove otherwise. What I am questioning is whether they are as strong as we are being told that they are. Here are the results through week 5.
5-1 vs the Sunbelt (2 wins over Arkansas State, and wins over Louisiana-Lafayette, Western Kentucky, and Troy)    (Loss - Western Kentucky over Kentucky)
6-0 vs Conference USA (2 wins over UAB, and wins over Rice, Southern Miss, UCF, and North Texas)
1-0 vs Atlantic 10 (win over Umass)
3-0 vs MAC (2 wins over Toledo, win over Kent State)
1-0 vs WAC (win over Southern Methodist)
1-0 vs Mountain West (win over Colorado State)
7-0 vs FCS schools (2 wins over Austin Peay, wins over Samford, Murray State, Alcorn State, Sam Houston State, Southeast Missouri State)
24-1 against schools that you should beat. That is pure domination of lesser competition
Now let's take a look at how the SEC has done against teams from major conferences - 6 wins and 6 losses
Wins against North Carolina, Indiana, Washington State, Virginia Tech, TCU, and Texas
Losses to Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Louisville, Miami, and Oregon
By my figures the SEC has played seven out of conference opponents that were ranked in the top 25 this year. They are 2-5 vs those opponents. Both TCU and Texas were ranked at the time LSU and Ole Miss played them. Those are the two victories. Are these the results of a conference that is superior to all of the other conferences? You be the judge

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