I'll Miss the BCS, and you should too.

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November 21, 2013 at 5:45 pm

For years the BCS has been maligned, skewered, and lampooned. This year with 4 impressive teams undefeated, the BCS is receiving more criticism than ever. Nowhere is that more true than in the offices, speak easies, and cat houses of ol’ Columbus town where anti-BCS talk has hit a fever pitch. It’s unfair! It’s corrupt! It’s illogical!
However, I am going to miss the BCS. For starters, the Buckeyes have been one of (if not thee most) dominant programs throughout the BCS era. Most years the BCS was kind to our beloved Buckeyes. Hell, it may even work out for the Scarlet and Gray this year.  There are many other things about the BCS I will miss.
Every game matters. Sure, games will be important in a playoff. But in the BCS era, one little slip up and your championship chances may be toast. Each week is like a playoff. Each game has implications. One of the things that made The Game so great is that it offered a rival a chance to spoil NCG dreams. The sword of Damocles hangs over NCG dreams waiting to drop in the most unexpected ways. The lows are so low when it falls. Remember how crushed you were when TP became a turnover machine in that loss to Purdue? Or when he fumbled at Penn State? Or when Ryan Hamby dropped the sure touchdown vs. Texas? Our hearts broke, why? Because we knew! We knew the sword had fallen and our NCG hopes were on life support.
It isn’t just lows, man there are lots of highs. The BCS provides an emotional tie to games the Buckeyes aren’t playing. Sure, football is great to watch. But, football is far better when there is something on the line to root for. The BCS gives fans “skin in the game” even when it isn’t their team playing. Remember how fun it was to watch Stanford down the Ducks? Well in a playoff system that game matters far less. This weekend many of us will excitedly watch Baylor v. Oklahoma State. Maybe I watch that game anyway in a playoff scenario but it just isn’t the same.
Maybe the playoff will be fairer, maybe less corrupt, but damn! Damn! Its been fun since ’98. Here’s to ending the BCS era as a champion, GO BUCKEYES!

1998 Sugar Bowl Champions 

2002 National Champions 

2003 Fiesta Bowl Champions

2005 Fiesta Bowl Champions 

2009 Rose Bowl Champions 

2010 Sugar Bowl Champions 

2013 National Champions ??? TBD 

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