Don't Fall for His Evil Tricks!

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November 25, 2013 at 11:17 am

(Some of the many forms of the evil one) 
He goes by many names: Mr. Scratch, Mr. Nick, Iblis, the  Shaytan, Abbaddo, Marduk, Bile, Lucifer, Satan, and most horribly – M*ch*gan(I do not spell out the name so that I do not add to its power).
Perhaps the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist; but the second best trick is convincing the world he is harmless.
It seems this evil has pulled trickery on Buckeye nation. This is a week to enjoy! This is a week to tell jokes about the sexual looseness and diseases of the residents in that state up north. It is the week to avoid wearing blue. It is the week to refer to a certain city up north as a harlot. This is the week to jump in a pond we call a lake at freezing temperatures.
Instead, many of us are thinking about a different team from that wretched state up north. We are thinking of many other games that our beloved Buckeyes aren’t playing in. Friends, there will be time for that! Don’t let the Devil trick you into giving up the joy of pure HATE this week! Don’t listen to the serpent that would divert your attention from where it belongs. Don’t worry about other games- concern your safe with THE GAME. Lucifer be GONE!!!  This is not f*#&^%ing MSU or FSU week!
No Buckeye brethren, this is OUR week! This is HATE week!


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