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September 2, 2014 at 1:23 pm
Good day, fellow Buckeyes

It's that time of year again. The bikinis on the Oval are being replaced by almost fully clothed students making their way to class. Parents of freshman are wondering what to do with all their new-found privacy. The Ohio State University Buckeyes are playing football games. All throughout Ol' Columbus town and Buckeye nation, excitement is increasing.  Thus, Eleven Warriors is being frequented by many new visitors.

This is a great time for Buckeye football and for 11w. If you're new here, welcome. This site  is so great because it does more than provide the best most up-to-date Buckeyes news, it also, seeks to shape OSU culture. 11w  does something particularly special: create smarter more thoughtful fans capable of meaningful analysis. This is a great community of fans. But, like any community there are standards. Everyone is invited to the party but there is a dress code. There are things here that aren't tolerated. Dubbers' please add others you find important.

1) Don't disparage recruits. It won't be tolerated and you'll be downvoted into oblivion. This goes for recruits of other schools, too. Recruits (and their families) read this site. You may eventually be banned and certainly won't be permitted in the premium lounge (a place where the bourbon flows like white water. Where beautiful women/men instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano).

2) Don't be an asshole (recruiting edition) read here 

3) Downvoting was designed for trolls. Use 'em sparingly. For more on that (and other useful info) go here 
This is important, not because DVs matter, but because having disparate opinions are part of what makes 11w a great site.  We don't want to turn into a group think echo chamber. We don't want to punish well-reasoned dissent.

Thanks for reading.

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