SEC's Downfall Coming Soon!

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January 24, 2013 at 1:51 am

 The SEC recruiting landscape is changing right before our eyes! Its been well documented that college football is cyclical and as of the last decade or so, we all know what conference has been at the top of it. Right  now we are on the verge of a new college football cycle and the SEC loosing its stranglehold. Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes are the avante guarde of this new change about to sweep the nation and rid the country of this unfortunate domination.
     Case-in point: Mark Stoops at Kentucky is recruiting hard and showing the conference that the Wildcats aren't the 'Jokers' anymore; L'Ville under Strong has put his stamp on the region with his ass-kicking of an SEC power on national TV in a BCS bowl game and strong recruiting; Tennesee under Butch Jones I predict will make waves in the next couple years on the field and take back the state in recruiting; and Vandy's been hot lately. The 'mighty SEC will start getting watered down a bit in recruiting and dominance (a good thing).
      On the flip side, the whole argument of the SEC being top heavy won't hold much weight though anymore. Alabama will continue to be top dawg down there but Florida after Urban's recruits fade out will flounder under MusCHUMP; South Cacalacky continues to be a 'medioce' team by SEC standards and I don't feel the Ole' Ballcoach has much left in him while fighting a fierce battle with UGA and Clemson for recruits; Georgia's top recruiting foe might very well be OSU which is already a loosing battle; LSU has Les Miles and every year he looks more  and more as a pathetic second-rate coach to Saban, he can pull in all the Louisiana talent but eventually that watering hole will dry up for him as recruits realise he's a fraud; Arkansas has BieLAMEa; Ole' Miss and Mississipi St. will continue to fight for Saban's scraps, all three are non-threats. That leaves Texas A&M as the sole team to upend Saban's control over the conference.
      Add all that to the fact we go to a 'playoff' system in '14 which means the conference champion actually has to work for a NC berth and I say in the next four years the SEC wins maybe one NC and gets knocked back down to earth with the rest of the BCS conferences. I can't wait to see it all play out while Urban Meyer creates a new CFB dynasty in Columbus. We all know the NCAA (and ESPN) won't do anything to make the SEC play on a level playing field so its up to the rest of the country to step up and take this 'mystique' away and start winning championships and now's the time to do it while that conference gets watered down a bit.

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