Can the Ohio st. Defense sustain a championship drive in '13?

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November 5, 2012 at 1:23 am

Its really nice to have such an explosive offense, one that has scored 50+ more times than ever in school history, but the bottom line is, without the dominating defense that we are traditionally used to here in the great state of OHIO, its all just a facade. And that's what makes us uncomfortable. We're in uncharted territory now and we all want to get back to what makes Ohio St. Ohio St. Great defense. I know Urban has a defense-first philosophy, and with good reason: defense wins championships. But what he also brings to the table is a kick-ass offense too. From the looks of things, the explosive offense hasn't been an added burden on our defense, its the defensive coaching and/or players/personell that has been it's undoing. It looks like the defensive side has a ways to go to catch up with the offense. Hopefully it will get closer in '13 for our championship run. The good news is we have been improving on the defensive side of the ball although the offense as a whole won't relinquish its superiority until Brax is gone. I also am very impressed with the way the O-line and recieving corps (formerly corpse) has been kick-ass this year as well. I fully expect this young offense to mature and dominate every game next yr but I'm not yet sold on what the defense will do with losing so much senior leadership. Will we continue to improve or just tread water for another year? Anybody have any input on that?

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